BLUE MOUNTAIN - On Saturday, July 13, Blue Mountain High School’s administration will be hosting a campus cleaning. Volunteers are invited to assist students and faculty in cleaning both the campus grounds and inside of buildings.

Blue Mountain High School resumes classes Monday, Aug. 5. However, in the meantime faculty wish to prepare the campus grounds for future and returning students through their first community cleanup day. By offering this day to the Blue Mountain community, the high school’s administration wishes to bring its faculty, students and community together all while creating a welcoming place for those returning this fall. Assistant Principal Kelly Gates, said, “We want to create a school climate and culture of positive community engagement. We want parents and community members to have a relationship with the school that we can all be proud of.”

There will be plenty of jobs to fill. Volunteers will be tasked with cleaning campus grounds, reworking the landscape located at the front of the school, pressure washing buildings, repainting steps and cougar paws and reorganizing storage areas. Everyone is invited to participate and free water will be provided for all volunteers. Registration for the jobs will be available on site at 8 a.m.

This Clean Up Day is sponsored by Principal Bre Anna Heard, Gates and faculty. They invite everyone to come and help clean. When volunteers arrive, they are asked to meet at the front of the high school building. For more information call (662)685-4288.

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