Thursday, Nov. 21,  Blue Mountain School’s sixth grade class preformed their play “The Orphan Train: A Unit of Study.” The play was based off of the various history lessons they covered in class.

The play was an overview of the many important events that have taken place over the course of history. Their theme for this play was “Growing and Changing.” They focused on how nations endured struggles and how they prospered from their determination to overcome these oppressions. Throughout their time studying these events they learned about the Dust Bowl, The Great Depression, and immigration to name a few. They then applied what they had learned in class to their production by acting out these events.

Aside from just reading about these historic events, they dived deeper into the rich history behind each lesson. They studied slave dialect and analyzed photographs of slaves, Jews during World War II, and the children who rode the orphan trains. They compared and contrasted todays welfare system to that in place at the time of the orphan trains. They also participated in lots of group projects through intensive discussions.

The Blue Mountain K-12 School and sixth grade class gave thanks to Cheryl Bass and the Ripley Arts Council for making it possible of the children to perform their play. They provided the venue , costumes, and music for the production. They also thanked Bre Anna Heard and Kelly Gates for supporting the education for these students and Jennifer McKee , Robert Lovett and Rhonda Jones for all of their love and support. They extened a special thanks to all those who attended the play and helped make each student feel special.

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