What a great Labor Day weekend. I hope you all had a great time.

It’s joke time. Are you ready? Which hand is it better to write with? Neither, it’s best to write with a pen! Did you get it? I hope so.

Chalybeate once again was busy around the country store with people getting their fresh produce just in time for the holiday weekend. There were so many people grilling out and enjoying family time. But as we pause this weekend, we need to continue to pray for the Chalybeate Elementary School students, faculty and staff as they continue to press through the loss of one of their students, Haley. Haley will be missed by so many people. Continue to be strong, Chalybeate!

Let’s travel across the bridges to Walnut. Walnut was busy also. This past week Southern Nutrition held its ribbon cutting. There was a great turn out. So many samples and some great cupcakes were shared. They have every kind of tea you can think off. Congratulations, Southern Nutrition!

Well, I had the chance to peak into the new Town of Walnut office building, I was very impressed. Keep up the great work, Walnut.

Our prayer list for this week consists of praying and asking the Lord to continue to give strength to the all the residents of Chalybeate and Walnut communities. Everyone please continues to remember the Danny Meeks family, the Dianne Pulse Family, the Montgomery Family, Marshall Mullins and Jeff Hicks. Keep praying for strength and comfort to all families, pray for all the COVID-19 patients and all our doctors and nurses, and pray for our state and county leaders. Let me know if I need to add anyone to the prayer list.

Dear Lord, we just want to pause this week and thank you for a new day and the new week that is ahead of us.  We also say thank you for all the strength and all the grace that you have sustained for us and have seen us through everything we had to face so far.  I pray that we start and finish each day with an attitude of gratitude.  Continue Lord, to give us hope, peace, joy and love.  In Jesus name!

Please don’t forget to keep me informed.  Share your news, talk about your upcoming gardens, and share great things happening with your family. To send information, email me at or call 662-837-8111.

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