Well, here we are again. Another week in our lives is almost over.

Why did Mickey Mouse take a trip into space? He wanted to find Pluto! Did you get it? I hope so.

What another beautiful weekend in Chalybeate and Walnut. Chalybeate was busy with people mowing their grass, cooking out, and working in their yards and gardens. I saw Josh Russell at the country store. He said his family was getting ready to go ride four-wheelers and enjoy the day.

Chris Wilbanks was cooking up some good smelling food on this grill Saturday.

Allen Gates and his wife, Rachel, along with their son, Tri, were in town visiting family in Chalybeate. Allen and his family live in Arkansas now. It was great to see them and fellowship a little. I wish them the best. Maybe one day they will move back to Chalybeate.

Late Saturday afternoon, I saw Douglas Jackson mowing his yard. They have such a beautiful place and yard. Mr. Jackson is always working around his house and helping out at Chalybeate School.

Let’s go across the bridges and see what’s going on in Walnut. I saw Sean Smith and Tommy Bryant at the local hardware store early Saturday morning. I had to go pick up some crushed corn and laying pellets for my chickens. Sean and Tommy were getting ready to get Saturday started at the hardware store. It’s great having a hardware store in town.

Duncan’s Pharmacy had a big crowd at their yard sale on Saturday. From what I could see, they had a lot of nice items.

I was noticing Walnut School’s process on the new classroom addition is coming along just fine. It will not be long before students will be enjoying the new classroom.

Melinda talked me into going and walking the track late Saturday evening. While walking, I had the chance to see David Horton and talked with him while he was walking. Mr. Horton is a wonderful person. He has helped so many people. Keep up the great work, Mr. David.

Well, like I say each week, keep supporting our local businesses in Chalybeate and Walnut.

Please help me keep all those in prayer that are sick. Let’s remember Lavelle Doles. She is recovering from surgery. Also, keep Glen and Lori Hopkins in prayer. Glen is recovering from heart surgery.

If you know of anyone we need to start adding to the prayer list each week, please let know when you see me around town.

Dear Lord, we just want to pause this week and thank you for a new day and the new week that is ahead of us.  We also say thank you for all the strength and all the grace that you have sustained for us and saw us through everything we had to face so far.  I pray that we start and finish each day with an attitude of gratitude.  Continue Lord, to give us hope, peace, joy, and love.  In Jesus Name!

Please don’t forget to keep me informed.  Share your news, talk about your upcoming gardens and share great things happening with your family. To send information email me at tim.watson@journalinc.com, or call the me at the office 662-837-8111.

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