RIPLEY • On Saturday, Jan. 26, Bishop James E. Swanson and St. Paul United Methodist Church came together to preform a dedication ceremony for the new L.A. Cummings Educational Center.  All those involved with the development of the Educational Center along with many who knew Professor Cummings attended.

The L.A. Cummings Educational Center will be a place for the community to come together and fellowship. The education center will be available for family reunions, wedding receptions and for local students to come and receive tutoring services, to name a few examples. The center has been furnished with a fully functioning computer lab.

The L.A .Cummings Educational Center was dedicated in memory of the late L.A. Cummings who was an inspiration to those knew him . He was one of the first black principals of the historic Line Street High School.

It has taken almost a decade for the vision of the L.A. Cummings Educational Center to become a reality. With the help of a group named The Nomads, the Educational Center was built within five years. The Nomads are a group of skilled individuals who travel the country helping those in need. They first came in 2012 to help those involved with the project. By 2016, numerous Nomads had worked on the now finished building.

The dedication ceremony was presented by Bishop James E. Swanson. He praised the community for coming together to make their dream a reality.

“The center has already done something wonderful for the community. That is by bringing them together. People, who on a regular basis wouldn’t work with each other, worked on this building,” Swanson said. He believes that the community should celebrate this accomplishment.

The L.A. Cummings Educational Center is schedule to open to the public this summer. It is located next to St. Paul United Methodist Church on MS 4 West in Ripley.

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