TIPPAH COUNTY • Blue Mountain and Dumas will soon receive Community Development Block Grants for water system improvements from the Mississippi Development Authority.

Rep. Jody Steverson announced the grant approvals last week. Blue Mountain is to received $600,000 and Dumas $450,000 under the public facilities grant.

"Earlier this year, Sen. Parks and I submitted letters of support to the Mississippi Development Authority on behalf of the Dumas and Blue Mountain water improvement projects," said Steverson. "Once these water system improvements are complete, these upgrades will be beneficial for the citizens of Dumas and Blue Mountain."

Blue Mountain will use the funds to extend water to 75 to 80 homes in Cotton Plant.

"The people in Cotton Plant have been asking the town to get water down there for about three or four years," said Blue Mountain Mayor Doug Norton. Norton said that the people in Cotton Plant are on private wells. Some of those wells are starting to go bad and are expensive to maintain.

Blue Mountain will build a new well in town to supply the water tank and pipe the water to Cotton Plant. Norton says that he hopes to start on the project sometime in the spring or summer next year, once all the initial plans and bids have been completed.

Dumas Mayor Bradley Lawson said their grant will help the Dumas community and surrounding areas on their water system with better water, water pressure and accessibility. The town plans to upgrade a pump, extend water to Union County on the Buena Vista side and fix or add fire hydrants.

"I want to thank everyone involved in helping get this grant through the state," said Lawson. "The Dumas-Pine Grove Water Association customers, and eventually new customers, deserve the best quality of water service provided to them."

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