TIPPAH COUNTY—If you were asked to describe a Tippah County Constable’s job, would you be able to give a solid definition? Chances are you probably wouldn’t. A constable is an officer of the law with duties and responsibilities similar to city police officers and county sheriff’s deputies. By definition, constables are law officers of the court. Their duties include serving as a bailiff in Justice Court and Circuit Court, serving summonses, wage garnishments, eviction notices, warrants, and subpoenas. Constables can assist the sheriff and other agencies, but only when they are called upon. The Tippah County Sheriff’s Department and other agencies can call on the constables at anytime to assist with cases involving burglary, auto theft, domestic violence, rapes, drugs, drug dealers, drug houses, vandalism, homicides, animal cruelty, and/or killings, simple and/or aggravated assault, and various other cases. Another little-known fact is that constables have to provide their own vehicle, although the county does provide a radio, lights, and striping. "A lot of people don’t really know what we do as constables," said Keith Bullock, who is serving his second term as South Half Constable. "Unlike what people think, we don’t have control over a lot of things, but anyone who has a problem can call us. We want to serve the north and south half of the county to the best of our abilities, but within the law." Terry Mathis is in his first term as North Half Constable and said he is proud and thankful to be serving. "I just want to thank the public for letting me serve for a year and 10 months," said Mathis. "I look forward to serving in any way possible." A constable is compensated $35 for each summons and garnishment served, and is also entitled to $35 for each warrant served, but only if the defendant is found guilty and pays their state assessments. They also receive $1,800 per year for "lost cause," which is where the subject can’t be found, or is found not guilty. Bullock can be reached by cell phone at 587-2386 or at his office at 837-8842. Mathis can also be reached by cell phone at 223-0587 or at the office.

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