BLUE MOUNTAIN • Four people were charged with taking over $7,000 worth of merchandise from the Dirt Cheap Distribution Center last week.

Blue Mountain Police Chief Brock White said that on Tuesday, Jan. 28, the Blue Mountain Police Department received a call from 911 dispatch saying there were several subjects stealing merchandise from the Dirt Cheap Distribution Center and putting it in their personal vehicle.

The subjects left the warehouse in a black Ford Fusion. Tippah County Sheriff's Department deputies found the car at the trailer park at 401 West Palmer Street in Blue Mountain. The vehicle appeared to be full of merchandise from the warehouse.

White obtained video footage from the Dirt Cheap loss prevention officer that appeared to show the subjects taking the merchandise from the dock at the Dirt Cheap warehouse.  At that time, the subjects were placed under arrest pending investigation. 

Officers received written permission from the renter, Levontay Conner, to search the residence and found what appeared to be more merchandise from the warehouse inside.

The total value of the merchandise stolen was $7,311.60.

Once the investigation was completed, Antonio Hartwell, 30, Darius Carrathers, 22, Destiny Kirk, 25, and Lavontay Connor, 37, were each charged with felony embezzlement.

Hartwell and Kirk are out of jail on a $10,000 bond each. Connor and Carrathers are being held in the Tippah County Jail on a $10,000 bond each.

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