TIPPAH COUNTY - Unofficial letter grade accountability results from the Mississippi Department of Education revealed that the North Tippah School District and South Tippah School District each received a B rating.

For South Tippah, the rating maintains its previous one, while North Tippah School District’s rating dropped from last year's A rating and Benton County School District dropped from a B rating.

In the South Tippah School District: Ripley Elementary School maintains its A rating from last year; Pine Grove High School and Ripley High School maintained their B ratings; Ripley Middle School climbed one letter grade from a C to a B this year; and Blue Mountain High School climbed two letter grades from an F to a B.

“I am definitely proud of the improvements at those two schools (Ripley Middle School and Blue Mountain High School) and maintaining an A at RES,” said South Tippah Superintendent Frank Campbell. “Blue Mountain made significant growth from 'F' to a 'B.' We also maintained at the other schools with B which is very good. For our district score, we increased our overall score by over 30 points and remain a 'B' and I am proud of that as well. I certainly want to congratulate the students, teachers, and principals for their hard work in our schools. I really appreciate all of their hard work.”

In the North Tippah School District, Walnut Attendance Center and Chalybeate Elementary School maintains their B ratings from last year: Falkner Elementary School fell one letter grade from an A to a B; and Falkner High School maintains its C rating from last year.

"We are very pleased with our accountability results as a district," said North Tippah Superintendent Bill Brand. "Thanks to the hard work from our students, teachers, and administrators proficiency increased for the second year in a row. We have put kids first, modeled lifelong learning, encouraged innovation, and provided recognition for the outstanding accomplishments of our students. Our teachers and principals get to know our students as well as use data to help provide the best instruction for them. A good foundation has been established for a bright future."

Brand added that if Walnut third through eighth grade could be graded separately from Walnut High School, those grades would have an A rating. Being that Walnut is an attendance center both the elementary and high schools are graded together.

The 2018-2019 accountability results are based on an A-F scale that looks at state tests and student growth. High school ratings include graduation rates, participation and college and career readiness. Improvement by students who scored in the bottom 25 percent the previous year receive extra weight.

The accountability results will become official after Mississippi State Board of Education approval on Thursday.

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