RIPLEY • The Tippah County Board of Supervisors elected their president and vice president at their regular board meeting on Monday, Jan. 6. First District Supervisor Jimmy Gunn was voted in as the Board President and Third District Supervisor Mike Graves as Vice President.

Some of the other business discussed is as follows:

Circuit Clerk Randy Graves brought to the boards attention that Judge Andrew K. Howorth will be retiring on June 30. He said the governor would be appointing someone to replace Judge Howorth. Tippah County's other two Circuit Circuit Court Judges are John Gregory and Kelly Luther.

Graves also stated that this year all five election commissioner posts will be up for election. After this election, election commissioners will no longer be elected at the same time. The election years will be staggered according to district. Commissioners elected this year in Districts 1, 3, and 5 will serve four year terms. Commissioners in Districts 2 and 4 will serve three year terms. The qualifying period for election commissioners has already begun and will end on Monday, June 1.

Graves reminded the board that this is the presidential preference primary year. He also said that this is the election year for U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives for Mississippi. Supreme Court Judges will be on this election also.

Graves also brought up that both North and South Tippah District 1 School Board posts would be up for grabs this year. Qualifying begins Wednesday, Aug. 5 for the school board. The current District 1 School Board Members are Leanne Martindale (North Tippah) and Tim Clark (South Tippah).

The board then discussed moving the Chalybeate, Tiplersville, and North Falkner precincts for upcoming elections. All three precincts were previously held in the schools and school district office but were asked to be moved out of the schools last year. The board said that Tiplersville could be held in the county shop at Tiplersville.

The board is making arrangements for the Chalybeate and North Falkner precincts. First District Supervisor Jimmy Gunn said that Falkner Baptist has made a verbal commitment to host the North Falkner precinct but nothing in writing yet. The Supervisors are making plans to build a building on the old Chalybeate Headstart site for the Chalybeate precinct. Gunn said the board has a backup plan for the Chalybeate precinct if a building cannot be built by March 10. Graves said he would wait to send out change of precinct cards until the locations have been finalized.

Chancery Clerk Mike Long asked that the board approve three additions to the claims docket that was approved on Friday, Jan. 3: Cook Coggins, $45,107.10; Century Construction, $19,307.81; and Talbert Construction, $60,803.37. The board approved the additions unanimously.

Long then asked the board to approve $800 a month for the Chief Deputy Youth Court Clerk. The motion passed unanimously.

Long asked the board to approve a list of additional duties for the chancery clerk. The motion passed unanimously.

County Administrator Melinda Crum announced that the county Spelling Bee would be Saturday, Jan. 11 at the courthouse.

Tippah County Development Foundation Executive Director Chris Lewellen announced that the TCDF would be hosting an on the job training seminar for companies in the county at Ripley Library on Thursday at 10 a.m. This week they will be catering to some of the larger employers to bring awareness and understanding to on the job training and the apprenticeship that Northeast offers. Lewellen said they have had good response so far. He said they would do the same thing in a couple of weeks for some of the smaller companies in the area.

There will be a special board meeting for bids on the hospital on Tuesday, March 14. The next scheduled regular board meeting will be Friday, March 17. They will be taking bids for the Wellness Center at that time as well.

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