RIPLEY • There are good things happening in Tippah County despite concerns over the COVID-19 virus.

With school districts canceling classes, some area children have been left without nutritious meals to eat but area churches, schools and businesses are working to help get free meals to these children.

Ripley Elementary School offered grab and go sack lunches to children from 10:30 to noon Wednesday in the RES cafeteria and will do so on Thursday as well.

Karen Hurt, Director of Child Nutrition for South Tippah Schools, said that volunteers prepared 360 lunches on Wednesday. She said they are doing the program through the Office of Child Nutrition are required to have five components in the meal: fruit, vegetables, bread, meat and milk.

Wednesday the lunches included ham and cheese sandwiches, apples, carrots, chips and chocolate milk.

"We are trying to meet them at the door as they come to keep people from congregating," said Hurt.

The lunches are available at the entrance to the RES cafeteria. When a patron arrives, a volunteer will ask how many lunches they need and will bring the bagged lunches to them so they do not have to enter the cafeteria.

Hurt said that there has been an overwhelming amount of volunteers who have come to help prepare the sacked lunches.

"Yesterday, some of the Ripley Elementary teachers came to wash and bag apples," said Hurt. "We have to have all of our apples washed, bagged anf sealed if they are eating the peel."

"We are not sure if we will do this next week. We are going to see how it goes and make the decision from there," continued Hurt.

Other area groups are helping to supply the need for food to children as well. First Baptist Church in Ripley gave out lunches on Monday and Tuesday and gave out food for children to have all week. Flat Rock Baptist Church gave out lunches at Hickory Flat Attendance Center this week as well.

Jacob's Produce gave children apples on Wednesday and Little Ceasar's is scheduled to give pizza to students on Thursday from 1-2 p.m.

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