RIPLEY • A crash Wednesday morning involving a mother and her small child could have ended tragically had it not been for the safety actions taken by the mother.

According to Ripley Police Chief Scott White, Ripley Police Department responded to a call at 5:51 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 6 in which a vehicle overturned on Pocahontas Road. When officers arrived at the scene, it appeared that the white Nissan Altima had run off the road and the driver over corrected to the left causing her to go off the other side of the road where the car flipped over. A tire blow out is believed to have caused the accident.

Officers found the mother, whose name has not been released at this time, and her two-year-old daughter trapped upside down in the vehicle but still restrained by their seat belts and car seat. The child was not injured and the mother received a non life threatening injury to her face.

The mother had buckled the child in the car seat properly and used three points of secure connections and the seat belts to restrain the car seat, which did not move during the accident.

Officers Geoffrey Casteel and Greg Crum were able to remove  the child and mother from the car without further assistance. Officer Casteel said the child was calm and not crying during the ordeal.

Casteel urges all parents to properly restrain their children in car seats to avoid injuries in situations like this. He said that most of the time parents will restrain their children even if they are not wearing seat belts themselves, but there are some people, that they stop frequently, who do not have car seats at all or their children buckled in.

"Remember your kids, put them in a car seat and teach them how to secure themselves in the car, because you never know," said Casteel. "It was a happy ending today (Wednesday) and I got to meet a happy two-year-old" but the accident could have ended much differently.

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