RIPLEY • Tippah Electric Power Association (TEPA) announced on Friday that the company will begin the process of providing broadband internet access to its customers after vote counts were tallied on whether or not to amend the articles of incorporation.

Over 96 percent of the votes were from TEPA customers who approved the broadband amendment to the TEPA Articles of Incorporation. 

The Mississippi Broadband Enabling Act, which was signed into law earlier this year, allows electric power cooperatives across the state to create subsidiaries to offer high-speed internet service to their customers.

TEPA released a statement on Friday that read: "For almost two years, our Board of Directors have been researching and studying to see if offering high-speed internet to our members is both feasible and sustainable. After much discussion of the opportunities to change our communities for the better, by providing high-speed internet, the Directors have voted to proceed with the process to form a broadband subsidiary for the purpose of delivering high-speed internet to our members."

That statement ends with TEPA asking their customers to stay tuned for updates on their progress in the coming weeks and months.

The process will be done in phases and it will take approximately 30-36 months from the day they start running the fiber network to the time everyone has fiber access. 


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