The Tippah County Board of Supervisors met in a special meeting on Thursday morning to discuss the Covid-19 pandemic’s effect on government operations.  Law enforcement and other officials advised the Board that there are multiple presumptive cases in Tippah County including the case that was reported by Tippah County Hospital yesterday.  In response, the Board of Supervisors has closed the Tippah County Courthouse beginning Friday, March 20 and allow all business to be temporarily handled at the Tippah County Chancery Clerk’s office.  

Those having business with the Chancery Clerk, Circuit Clerk and Tax Collector/ Assessor may file any documents, pay taxes or fines or conduct other business at the Tippah County Chancery Clerk’s office located across the street from the Courthouse.  Each office will have a representative there to transact business, receive funds and file documents.  Those offices will then mail tags, receipts and other documents.  Patrons are encouraged to handle business online, by telephone or by mail.  A dropbox outside the courthouse is also available. 

Supervisors expressed appreciation to law enforcement and other county employees for their work during this crisis.  The Board also reminded everyone to follow the CDC guidelines including hand washing and social distancing.  

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