Late Friday afternoon, in a special meeting, the Tippah County Board of Supervisors changed its mind and reopened the Tippah County Courthouse.  Earlier last week, the Board had decided to close the Courthouse and relocate all of the Courthouse business to the Chancery Clerk’s office across the street.  However, on Friday, it appeared that the process was not working well and the Board decided to rescind its earlier order.

According to County officials, the Board initially wanted to limit the personal contact between the public and the county in accordance with the CDC guidelines issued due to the COVIC-19 pandemic.  Since the Chancery Clerk’s office had teller windows from its days as a bank, the building provided the needed separation.  However, after some expressed concerns, the Board determined to allow each office to return to the Courthouse and adopt measures for its own office.  

On Monday, each County office in the Courthouse was open and functioning normally except that each office was limiting the number of patrons that were allowed in each office and barriers were established to maintain a safe distance between parties in accordance with CDC guidelines.  

The Board of Supervisors expressed appreciation to the County officials and their staffs for their cooperation and continued service to the citizens.

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