In every newspaper across America, there will be mentions of the great level of play from Tiger Woods in this past weekend's PGA Championship in St. Louis, Missouri. Tiger finished second behind Brooks Koepka 

Tiger's story is one of the more interesting stories to tell. Woods began his career on the path to being the greatest golfer of all time. Wood's 14 major victories and the feeling he gave to hardcore and casual fans alike when he strolled to the greens on major Sundays with his famous red shirt and black pants, will always be how most remember him.

But his last major win was over a decade ago. What happened to the man that was once so dominate? Well, life happened.

Over the last few years, the man who once had it all, seemingly hit rock bottom in various forms. Tiger dealt with public shaming after his marital affair made headlines nationally. He faced the loss of his dad, who in may ways played the biggest part in Tiger's love for golf. He's had numerous surgeries on his back and knee, causing need for his spine to be fused. Tiger's physical, emotional and spiritual self was constantly under attack. So last month's sixth place finish at The Open after leading on Sunday, heading to the last nine holes, and this past Sunday's second place finish after shooting a career-low 64, 14-under par to claim second place is a story that should be celebrated.

Tiger's resurgence should be a feel-good story that relates to us all. A man that looked as if it was all going perfect in his life, was brought to his knees as life began to take its toll on him. But in his despair, Tiger's determination to get back up and literally repair himself emotionally and physically is why he is climbing back toward the top of the leader boards just like he did a decade ago.

Tiger's story is one that relates to us all. At one point in our lives, we thought we had it all figured out. But being the humans we are, we made mistakes. Life took twists and turns that we did not see coming. But Tiger's story is inspiring because what he proved was that your lowest points in life don't have to define you, or who you are. But rather how you respond in those situations will determine if you get back to where you once were.

Keep striving to be better than what you were yesterday. Take the bumps in the road in stride. Learn from your mistakes. Rehab what needs healing. Tiger Woods did those things and the results are proof of what it can do.

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