I think we have officially reached the point where we can call these days the dog days of summer. The temperatures are steadily rising and the humidity in the air is suffocating from the moment I step out of my front door in the morning.

At some point last week I am pretty sure the heat index of my phone read something like 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit.

All while the heat is climbing up, the amount of sports action is on the decline for this sports writer. The first week of July was the MHSAA's "dead week," which basically states that teams cannot hold organized practices and weight lifting workouts. 

Most people assume that with my job that I probably slow down in the summer but in the month of  June that is not really the case. The difference in June than the regular months when school is in session is that all the games and different events that I attend in June usually start in the mornings or around lunch time, allowing me to not have to stay out all night like I do say in November. 

But here in July, the summer baseball and basketball periods have ended and teams do some workouts and things maybe a couple of times a week. For fall sports like football, volleyball and cross country, teams are beginning to gear up for the fast-approaching start of the season. But still there are no games really to report on, no picture opportunities or things of that nature.

I am appreciative of the month of July. I enjoy being able to wind down for a few weeks before every Friday is taken up with high school football action and every other day consists of a volleyball match somewhere or maybe a cross country meet. As much as I enjoy July, I still wait in anticipation of August and the "normal schedule" that it brings. 

The life of a sports writer is a busy one. It is even busier when you are married, just bought a new house, involved in church and the many other countless things going on in my life. So this latter half of July is a little weird when I continue to go home straight after leaving the office. 

We are just at five weeks away before the first football game of the season for Walnut, Falkner and Ripley. We are only three weeks away before volleyball begins. The dog days of summer are almost over and fall is around the corner.

The typical schedule of a sports writer will be back on track shortly. It just would be cool if the temperatures would get back on track too.


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