It's hard to believe that around this time six years ago, I walked across the Walnut Attendance Center football field to receive my high school diploma. The thought of that being six years ago just blows my mind. Time truly does fly by fast.

I was not your typical high school student. Most kids that I went to school with, and even the ones I see on a day-to-day basis now, cannot wait to graduate high school. I was not like those kids. I remember early on in my freshman year that I wasn't too fond of high school but once I got used the environment and got myself acquainted, I started to love my time there at Walnut.

Throughout the years, I dreaded the time that would come when I would have to say goodbye to those hallways and when I would have to move on to bigger things in life. Maybe that makes me really immature that I didn't want to grow up. But I didn't want to leave that comfort level, I guess.

Even now I still think about my time in high school. From all the tests and projects, to the moments I could smooth-talk my way into getting about 10 different chocolate milks from my peers in the lunch room, every memory is still is fresh on my mind. From completing the most impressive throw I ever made for a touchdown to win my homecoming football game against Hamilton 6-0 in my senior year, to all the times I was sent into the hallways because I was disturbing the rest of the class, all of those things I still carry with me today.

Every time I see a friend out and about that I went to school with, in a matter of seconds it feels like I can recollect a memory of them from that four-year period.

Fast forward six years later and I am married and working a job that is geared to my interests. Six years ago I didn't know where I'd be or what I would be doing but as time has went on, things have worked themselves out. During this graduation time, seniors all across Tippah County are feeling the same exact thing and having the same thoughts I did when I was their age. Some don't know what they want to major in while they attend college, all they know is that they are suppose to go. Some are scared of what life has for them next. The unknown future can be scary for a teenager who has not seen what all life can bring. I felt that fear too. But with the helping hand of God, I am still standing.

For the graduating class of 2019, there is not any room for fear and doubt in your future. The road ahead is bright for each and every one of you. Despite your amount of success in high school, or lack thereof, this world you are about to enter is different than what you are used to but as the saying goes, "Life is what you make it." You get to choose your path. You get to choose what you want to be in life. Don't make that choice out of fear but rather go into this next phase in life with confidence that you are going to accomplish what you set out to do. 

Those high school memories will last a lifetime. They certainly have for me to this point. But there are more memories to be made. Don't forget where you came from, but more importantly, don't forget where you are going.

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