Greetings everyone. Hopefully this will find you doing well in these difficult times in which we live. Let me give you a thought from God’s Word today that I trust will help us all.

Have you ever heard the expression “running on empty”? Well this thought could be seen in the Bible when Naomi the widow of Elimelech

Said in Ruth 1:21, “I went out full but the Lord hath brought me home again empty.” Sure looks like Naomi was running on empty. We don’t have the space here to go into the details of her life, but if you will read the Book of Ruth it will become clear why she said that.

The fact any of us can find ourselves in that physical, emotional, mental and spiritual condition sometimes. I confess I have been there. So, what do we do? Well there are no easy answers outside the Word of God. But alas God has a “filling station” of sorts. In Ephesians 3:19, we can be filled with the Fullness of God. In Ephesians 5:18, we can be filled with the Spirit. Also in Philippians 1:11, we can be filled with the Fruits of Righteousness and then in Colossians 1:9, we can be filled with the Knowledge of His Will. Finally in 2 Timothy 1:4, we can be filled with Joy. Are you ready to fill up? These truths are real.

Let me give you an illustration here. Billy Grahams daughter Anne Graham Lotz tells in one of her books that on her honeymoon night when she and her brand new husband were making their way to their lodging for the night she noticed the fuel tank gauge showed they were on empty. Calling her husband’s attention to it, he just responded by saying we are good. Well, after another gentle warning or two sure enough, the car spurted and came to a stop. Empty. She tells what all took place after that to get them back going again, but she said I learned a valuable lesson that night. You can’t run on empty!

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