Over the course of the last few months, there have been a number of ribbon cuttings, grand openings and similar events within the county.

Every event of this kind is a victory for the community especially in this uncertain time with the coronavirus pandemic. Some ribbon cutting type events mark huge progress and change for the area. When a business opens that will employ a large number of individuals, for example, the many positives are obvious. Each time a business makes progress, though, it is a win.

Ribbon cuttings, grand openings and ground-breaking ceremonies are clear evidence that there is success happening within our local economy. They’re indicative of a business’s success and a business owner’s confidence. That’s a good thing for those who live and work in the area.

Across the nation, businesses are closing their doors because of COVID-19. Tippah County has not been immune - we’ve seen a number of businesses close or downsize, as well. That doesn’t diminish the success that is happening, though. If anything, it makes the success that is happening even more important.

When a business thrives, its owners thrive. When a business thrives, its employees thrive. When business owners and employees from within our county thrive, they help the community thrive. Every dollar earned within the county is a dollar potentially spent within the county. Every dollar spent within the county is a dollar potentially passed on to another member of the community. The cycle can continue endlessly, depending on how we choose to use our money.

We, as members of the community, can help make sure there are more ribbon cuttings and grand openings in our future. When possible, consider spending your money locally. When people spend their money close to home, they get to see their neighbors and friends celebrating big remodels and business expansions. That helps keep that positive cycle moving within the county.

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