BLUE MOUNTAIN - Located at 2331 Palestine Road, County Road 830 in Blue Mountain, is a small Beauty and Barber Salon that has successfully ran for 15 years. Residents all over Tippah County and beyond visit this shop for not only their hair care needs, but also because of the atmosphere, fellowship and love felt each time one visits. Owned and operated by a brother and sister duo, natives of Blue Mountain, Satisfaction Beauty and Barber Salon has done very well at keeping their customers satisfied.

Corey Chills and his sister Fallon Chills-Rakestraw recognized their passion for hair at a very young age. Chills says that he even started doing some styles and cuts for their parents as children. “It was really just a gift from God, we started trying it and we liked it. It was just that simple,” said Chills-Rakestraw. Once Chills and Chills-Rakestraw found their passion, they decided to go into business for themselves. That business began in the backyard of their parents’ home in a small storage building. Chills was only 16 and Chills-Rakestraw was 13, but it was then that their talents started to grow into what they have become today.

After attending school for a while at Northeast, Chills decided it was time to give in to his true calling and he transferred to Foster’s Cosmetology and Barber College. He worked days and went to school at night until he finally graduated. Chills says recalls that choice and talks of being a long-time business owner. “I feel so blessed to be where I am today. As a business owner, I am in control of what I do. I’m very proud of that,” said Chills. Chills-Rakestraw also attended and graduated from Foster’s Cosmetology and Barber College.

After attaining their licenses, the two opened their business in 2003 where it has stood for 15 years. When asked why they decided to go into business together, the two glanced at each and said, “It just made more sense to do it together, than seperate. Why separate when we can bring more business in together,” said the brother/sister duo. Chills-Rakestraw added with a laugh, “There isn’t a building that he could have had and kept me out of and vice versa.”

At Satisfaction Beauty and Barber Salon customers are able to receive hair extensions, relaxers, color setting, braiding, cuts, shaves, line enhancements, designs, eyebrow arching and the latest styles. Chills and Chills-Rakestraw both talk of expanding their business and even hope to bring in more barbers and beauticians to work at their salon.

Satisfaction Beauty and Barber Salon customers make no secret of their love of this business and its owners. Some even taking to the business' Facebook page to express their love for their favorite salon. Five star reviews and supporting comments from loyal customers fill the page wall. One reads, “Ladies, if you are in need of a hair style and gentlemen needing a hair cut, Satisfaction is the place to be. I guarantee you will be satisfied when you leave.”

Long time customer, Judy Gaillard says of Chills and Chills-Rakestraw, “Both of them are very authentic and people recognize that. It makes them want to keep coming here, not only for the services, but also because of the authenticity that they show.”

“Our main goal is to give honor to God and  provide a service that keeps our clients happy and always satisfied,” said Chills.

Corey Chills was born February 9, 1977 and Fallon Chills-Rakestraw was born February 15, 1983 to Willie B. And Mildred Chills. They have one little brother, Tyler. Chills is the husband of Tasha Chills and together they have three daughters: Annija, Morgan and Averi Chills. Chills-Rakestraw is the wife of Derek Rakestraw and together they have two children Iralyn and Cole Rakestraw. They both attended Blue Mountain Schools and attend Empowered by Love Ministries under Pastor Charles and Lady Kathy Johnson. They are the grandchildren of the late-Bishop Hardy L. Coleman Sr.

Editors Note: Satisfaction Beauty and Barber Salon is where I took my son to get his first haircut and continue to take him to this day. Corey is the only barber who has every cut his hair so I have a personal connection to this business. One thing about my son is, like most children, he has never liked to get his hair cut or even brushed for that matter. So when we first started cutting his hair, we were fearful of who would deal with the tantrums we knew he would throw.

From day one, Corey Chills would always remain calm and loving when cutting my son’s hair. Even with all the kicking, screaming and crying, his hand would never waver. He wouldn’t get irritated, start to fuss and he never turned us away. Instead, he would speak to my son in a stern and soothing way, sort of like an uncle. That is why I look at them as my family and that’s an amazing feeling to have as a customer. I would always tell him after every haircut how much I appreciated him. The small fee he charges for putting up with my three-year-old never seems sufficient.

Every time you walk in, Fallon has a smile on her face. She’s warm and welcoming, also someone that you look at like an aunt or a very dear friend. They both challenge your ideas and make you think outside the box. They make you second guess yourself and always push the people surrounding them to be the best person they can be. Their faith shows in their every day walk, talk and living and I have truly been honored to know them. The talent that Corey and Fallon have is not just with hair, but also with people.

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